CTS – Cena Training System
Intermediate Class

Who is it for?

To move to the next level, you should experience a significant and sustained lack of progress with your current routine. So, basically, when you hit a progress plateau, it may be time to move up a level.

What we offer/What to expect:

We will change the variables in your workout. For example:

  • Frequency: 4  workouts, mixture between strength circuit and interval training. Including stretching, and mobility workouts.
  • Will experience different styles of combinations along with challenges and assessments throughout the program.
  • Will go through a large amount of progressional variations for different exercises.

Price: 1,300 baht pay 3 months  – total 3,900 baht

To sign up for a class please send an email to cenatrainingsystem@gmail.com

Please include the following information:

– Name

– Email

– Which Class are you interested in?

– Do you have access to a gym/gym equipment?

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