For every journey, the first step is the most important. Unless you are dedicated and set your mind onto a target, nothing can be achieved in this life.


My hope is in Jesus Christ. I have always dreamt of getting stronger, always ready to walk that extra mile. I have achieved all this so far because I have kept my mind and eyes set on what i wanted to achieve.


This is what God gives me to use in my daily activities and encourages me to move forward and stay healthy.
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Training to be a strongman will, without a doubt, add solid gains in not only muscle, but also endurance, power, static strength, and that all-important X factor, mental toughness. Strongman training will help you to develop your physical skills and to develop your mind. It will help you to connect your mind to your body to help you to perform better. Strongman training helps you to become the best athlete that you can be, with both a strong mind and a strong body.

Push past your limits. Push past what you think you can do. Push past the fear. If you tell yourself you can't do something, guess what? You can't do it. It's a pretty simple concept to learn, but many people fail to really grasp it.

Pushing yourself past your own set limits is the essence of strength sports. Most training plateaus are the result of mental barriers rather than physical limitations.

Training for strongman is simple: Lift heavy, odd objects either further, faster, or more times than the guy next to you, but it sure isn't easy! If done correctly, it will take you to a new level of training. You'll learn how to deal with pain and start busting through plateaus like never before!
In powerlifting, we focus on three movements: deadlift, back squat and bench press. The goal is to develop power. This requires training 3-4 times per week. Also, I provide pre-half workouts that prevent injuries.

The other aspect of powerlifting is mental fitness. This is because powerlifting requires preparation, purpose and goal setting. If you are doing the movement just for the sake of doing something, you won’t be successful. It is important to set goals for yourself and find the motivation to achieve these goals.

Therefore. I am training both the mind and body. It is training your mind to connect to your body to lift the heavy weights.

All levels are welcome. Everybody has to start somewhere. All you have to do is take the first step.
Crossfit is overall fitness training. I focus on a variety of movements to improve strength and conditioning, producing a well rounded approach to health and fitness.

The reality is that we all face physical challenges in our everyday lives. Therefore, the goal is always to get more fit. I concentrate on cardio, weight lighting and gymnastics. Included with this is strength training so that we can be prepared for any and all that life has to throw at us.

What to expect for Crossfit PT
If is your first time doing crossfit, we will use the first set of sessions to set a basic foundation of the movements
If this is not your first time, expect explosive movements, burpees and lots of sweat

Benefits of Crossfit PT: You will become…
- Faster
- Stronger
- Fitter
- Tenacious
- Better looking

This program will take 15 days (3 weeks, 5 days a week for 2 hours consecutively). It will help you to lose weight and build up muscle mass. We will focus on strength training, along with cardiovascular and core work.

All levels are welcome. For this group challenge, we need 6 participants. We will be including team workouts, so that we can play some games and have fun! This will help us to build community and have a great experience by learning new skills that we can use in daily life, anywhere at any time.

This workout regiment can improve your health, give you muscle tone, and help you to look and feel better!

Personal Training
Patient Cena
Owner and founder
Coach, Crossfitter
Powerlifter, ​Strongman
Emma Thomas
Emma is a professional Muay Thai fighter with 30 fights and more than 6 years of experience in the sport. She also competes in powerlifting. She’s now available to teach Muay Thai and Strength and Conditioning in group classes or one-on-one sessions.
Patient Cena
Owner and founder
Coach, Crossfitter
Powerlifter, ​Strongman
Emma Thomas
Emma is a professional Muay Thai fighter with 30 fights and more than 6 years of experience in the sport. She also competes in powerlifting. She’s now available to teach Muay Thai and Strength and Conditioning in group classes or one-on-one sessions.
Soi Wachiratham Sarnia 21
Phra Khanong, Bangkok
meet the
Armor athletes
Nugongid “Jew” Buranasate
Powerlifter – Strongman

2 x Fitwhey Strongman Champion

2nd place Arnold Classic Strongman Asia under 90kg 2016

1st place Static Monster World Qualifier under 90kg 2018

2nd place Asia Deadlift Championships under 105kg 2018

Rubporn “Padd” Klaichoeuvong

Padd was born and raised in Bangkok, with a background in sports, surfing and traveling. She has been doing crossfit for nearly three years and it has become her passion. She just started competing in crossfit last year and has done competitions in Thailand and Malaysia.

In the 2017 Asia Championships, held at Training Ground in April 2017, she placed 2nd in the women’s master division.

Patient Cena
Owner and founder

Patient Cena is a professional athlete and personal trainer.

He has been living in Bangkok, Thailand for 4 years and is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Matt Cass

Matt Cass is a competitive fitness athlete and coach from the USA. He has competed in Crossfit competitions in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and the USA.

In his 3 years of competing in crossfit competitions, he has participated in over 20 events and has finished in first place, or top three, in many events.

He currently teaches crossfit, bootcamp and HIIT classes, as well as doing personal training.

Thanich “Eve” Thaweesuk
what my clients are
saying about me

This week I trained with Patient. I’m not going to lie, it hurt. But the best kind of hurt. The kind that pushes you forward and makes you better. I loved training with him! Count me in for another round!


Great personal trainer. Patient, outgoing, and knowledgeable. He was very willing to develop a program around my goals and he motivated me to get reach them.


Patient is a courageous, friendly and humble guy. I really appreciate him so much.


Patient is very knowledgeable. With only two sessions, I’m already ready to lift lifetime personal records. He is a coach who invests time and effort into their athletes’ training.


Very knowledgeable and professional coach!! Taught me so much in just a few sessions. 100% would recommend to any serious athlete!


He’s so awesome. He’s the one who has inspired and influenced me to sign up for a powerlifting competition. His classes are always full of energy. If you love powerlifting, definitely learn from him! ❤️


I train with him 6 days a week, twice on Saturday. He is really good, really pushes you and won’t let you negotiate. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get fitter and healthier.


You never know until you try. Don’t judge a gym by its looks. If you judge by its looks, you will end up with a wrong gym forever. For me I just found one. And it’s the #Rhino. Exercise it’s not just losing weight, it’s improving your ability to the limits and break it like a boss. Come join the Rhino pack ????????????????????


Patient is such a good trainer. I really struggle with weights and have a bad knee from years of running but he’s helped me to improve my strength while still looking after my knee. He’s funny, friendly and very dedicated to his job. Best trainer in Bangkok!!!


Patient is an amazing trainer, from his techniques to motivation and right down to nutrition advice. Training with him always gives me the extra edge. Highly recommend to people who want to achieve their fitness goals, all the way from beginners to the more advanced.


Best personal trainer I’ve had. If you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro Patient will get you the results you’re after ????????????????


Was doing personal training with this guy for a couple months and I got much better in my weightlifting and gymnastics. Started to deadlift 300lbs after first month.

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2 weeks out from her first Powerlifting competition. This 90kg max Squat and she got 13 reps after 3set of singles at 110kg and then double pause at 90kg.

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How to Dumbbell Deadlift ( Sub Thai )

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Coming Soon. Online training system with CTS. Stay tuned.
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My name is Patient Cena. I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I have been living in Bangkok, Thailand for the past 5 years. I am a professional athlete and personal trainer.

​Since I joined Crossfit in 2013, it has been a life changing experience for me. I have learned  a lot of things about weight training and now I want to share what I have learned with you.

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