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In one of my most recent competitions, I won 1st Place in the Men’s Raw Open under 83 kg with the Thailand Powerlifting Federation (TPF). I won two new national records with my bench press and deadlift. In my squat, I was able to lift 235 kg – an increase of 28 kg from my last attempt in a competition in 2017. My bench press was 170 kg and my deadlift was 237.5 kg, both of which are now national records.

My certifications include:

  1.  Level 1 & 2 Powerlifting Certification, Thai Powerlifting Federation
  2. Certified Trainer, Form Physiotherapy and Rehab
  3. Additionally, I am currently sponsored by Fitwhey and Form Physiotherapy and Rehab.

My Accomplishments include

– 2021 TPF Bench Press Competition – 1st Place

– 2020 Training Ground Olympic Weightlifting Competition – 1st Place

– 2019 TPF Men’s Raw Open U83kg – 1st Place

– 2018 Fitwhey Classic – 3rd Place

– 2018 Static Monsters Strongman – 3rd Place Worldwide for Log Press

– 2017 Push-Pull Powerlifting Competition – 1st Place

– 2017 Fittest Man in Bangkok with the Lab – 1st Place

– 2017 Bangkok Throwdown Crossfit [Team Competition] – 1st Place

– 2016 Thailand Powerlifting Alliance (TPA) – 1st Place

– 2016 Latchford Classic Strongman – 1st Place

– 2016 Fitwhey Classic Strongman – 5th Place

– 2015 Fitwhey Classic Strongman – 6th Place

– 2015 Thailand Throwdown – 5th Place

– 2015 Fitwhey Classic – 6th Place

– 2015 Bangkok Brawl with Training Ground – 5th Place


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