Cena Training
online personal training

Cena Training System is an online training system that will help you to develop mentally and physically. It offers you a variety of workouts, such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, strength and conditioning, and functional training that will help you to prepare for any of life’s challenges. It is a combination of all aspects of fitness to help you to develop your body and achieve your goals. We cater to people of all levels and abilities. 

Included with all packages is a free basic nutrition guide. If anyone is interested in a more individualized plan, they can add it to their fitness package. 

Not convinced? Here are some reasons why hiring CTS will improve your fitness journey.

  1. Workout on your own schedule
  2. It is affordable 
  3. Communicate with your trainer anytime
  4. You get access to an expert
  5. Easy motivation and accountability
  6. Quickly see and track your results

For functional fitness, there are different levels. Here are some details about what it looks like with CTS.

To sign up for a class please send an email to cenatrainingsystem@gmail.com

Please include the following information:

– Name

– Email

– Which Class are you interested in?

– Do you have access to a gym/gym equipment?

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Booty & Core Class
Reshape your body in this high-energy, low-intensity class, perfect for all fitness levels. In this strength conditioning class, you’ll burn fat, tone your abs, and reshape your booty with a variety of exercises.
Competitive Body Building Class
This class will redefine your physique, transforming weaknesses into strengths. Some goals could include increasing thickness and muscle belly with all the muscles, improving width of shoulders, back and legs, along with overall body definition, and muscle striations!
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Functional Training Class
This class is for overall fitness. We will focus on a variety of movements to improve strength and conditioning, producing a well rounded approach to health and fitness.
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Dumbbell workouts class
So you've only got a set of dumbbells? No problem. with our new Dumbbell program you don't need all the fancy exercises at the gym.
Body Weight Class
No weights at home, as long as you have access to a little space you can do all your workouts with us. Join our new body weight program, with a mixture of calisthenics, strength and endurance.
Beginner Class
Full body training three times a week. 1 cardio day.
Intermediate Class
To move to the next level, you should experience a significant and sustained lack of progress with your current routine.
Advanced Class
Someone who is ready to move to an advanced level is someone familiar with their body and the muscle groups.
Nutrition Program
The goal of any nutrition program is to assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals. This can be based on how you want to look, how you want to feel or to achieve a specific performance goal
Coach / Manager
Josuha Botha
  • Personal Trainer with CTS 
  • 5 years of bodybuilding experience 
  • From South Africa

The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow