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If you sign up for one on one sessions, you can bring a friend for free!* *Up to three times, but excludes gym drop in fee.

Cena Squat Series

Who is the class for?

This class was designed for anyone who wants to improve their squat. It will be a small group so that Coach Cena can give personalized attention and feedback, so there is a limit of 6 people per class.
What to expect? The purpose of this series is to learn how to squat properly. This includes:
✓ how to perform an effective warm up
✓ how to develop your mobility
✓ how to get ready for the squat
✓ how to break down the squat
✓ find the best position for your feet and hands
✓ discover where to place the bar (high bar or low bar)
✓ how to engage the muscles
✓ how to perform the proper mechanics
✓ once you understand the mechanics, develop strength and power .
✓ how to avoid injury and pain so you can lift for the long term

When is the class?

The series will begin in February 2022 and will last six weeks, twice a week.

Where will the class take place?

Resilience Fitness 32 Curity Ave Toronto, ON

How much is the class?

The class is $250 (Canadian). However, if you sign up by the end of December 2021, you’ll get 20% off ($50).

Patient Cena

The Rhino

Coach, Crossfitter

My name is Patient Cena. I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I have been living in Bangkok, Thailand for 8 years and am now living in Toronto, Canada. I am a professional athlete and personal trainer.


Reviews from Clients

In one of my most recent competitions, I won 1st Place in the Men’s Raw Open under 83 kg with the Thailand Powerlifting Federation (TPF). I won two new national records with my bench press and deadlift. In my squat, I was able to lift 235 kg – an increase of 28 kg from my last attempt in a competition in 2017. My bench press was 170 kg and my deadlift was 237.5 kg, both of which are now national records.
  • 2021 TPF Bench Press Competition – 1st Place
    2020 Training Ground Olympic Weightlifting Competition – 1st Place
  • 2019 TPF Men’s Raw Open U83kg – 1st Place
  • 2018 Fitwhey Classic – 3rd Place
  • 2018 Static Monsters Strongman – 3rd Place Worldwide for Log Press
  • 2017 Push-Pull Powerlifting Competition – 1st Place
  • 2017 Fittest Man in Bangkok with the Lab – 1st Place
  • 2017 Bangkok Throwdown Crossfit [Team Competition] – 1st Place
  • 2016 Thailand Powerlifting Alliance (TPA) – 1st Place
  • 2016 Latchford Classic Strongman – 1st Place
  • 2016 Fitwhey Classic Strongman – 5th Place
  • 2015 Fitwhey Classic Strongman – 6th Place
  • 2015 Thailand Throwdown – 5th Place
  • 2015 Fitwhey Classic – 6th Place
  • 2015 Bangkok Brawl with Training Ground – 5th Place

– Powerlifting Certification, Level 2, Thai Powerlifting Federation
– Coaching Certification, Level 2, Thai Powerlifting Federation
– Certified Trainer, Form Physiotherapy and Rehab
– freeForm Foundation and Group Training Course, National Academy of Sports Medicine
– BioLayne Lifting Camp, JCW Events
– Introduction to Powerlifting Workshop, Ali Training Systems Inc.
Additionally, I am currently sponsored by Fitwhey and Form Physiotherapy and Rehab.



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